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Hi Pretty!
Today i wanna share about our experience using acne removal product!
Why i said "our" ? Because, it's not just my experience but this experience include my boyfriend.
If you already meet us, you will know the different with me and my boyfriend skin face.
Okay.. Okay.. I will start it now but first, you must know and see the product.

Acne Removal Prdouct
It's true! As you see, this product made in China and of course from China.
This product really amazing! For me, this product can help me to remove the acne with very quick time. Very quick? yes, it's like at the night (before sleep) i used this and scroll to all the acne on my face and tomorrow at the morning, the acne has deflated. Acne on mya face is not too much but, my enemy of my skin is blackheads. My nose and cheek has full of blackhead and it make me not confident if i not use makeup to cover it all. After i got this product, i really love my skin face without using makeup and i think i don't need makeup to covering. How about my boyfriend? my boyfriend really has a lot of acne. If you already meet him before the acne is gone, you will shock and see him face cavering with red colors of acne. You must see him face before and after using this product. And here we go to see the result!

Before and After


Sorry for the picture. I must take the candid picture beacuse he feel not confident to take a picture whit him face like that. You can see before and after him face. Of course because of him, i try to use it. It's amazing right? You want to know how to use the product ? Here! read carefully. First, you must clean your face with facial foam (whatever your facial foam), second make sure your face clean and dry after washing your face and next, use the product with scroll the product to your acne and at the next morning, don't forget to wash your face. You can see the result after 2 weeks using this product. Take a picture before you use the product. It can help you to know the result. 

Oh, i forget to tell you that i never know where to buy this product. Friend of my auntie who bought this product and i always buy from her friend. All my friend that already know my experience using this product, they try it and buy it from me. By the way, you can find this product by your self. Here look me and my fav acne removal :)

Dear, you can share your experience to with acne removal product or you want to know about this product, you can leave the comment and i will answer all the question that you want to know. Remember, don't touch your acne because we never know how much bactery on our hands! I'm very recommend this product and it can be your fav product too :)

Thankyou for reading my experience!
See you on the next post.

What ever you are, be a good one.


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  1. Wow.. Keren banget perubahannya ya.


  2. wah bagus banget, aku jadi kepengen cobain nih Beli kemana ya?? how much??


    1. Hi dear,

      Untuk pembelian biasanya aku titip ke saudaraku. Aku juga tidak tau pasti tempatnya jadi temen-temenku yang mau beli pasti titip ke aku juga. :)

  3. Oh wow!!! This looks like an amazing product! The results are so good! *.* I will definitely look for this! :)



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