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by - Monday, November 09, 2015

Hi Beauty,

Want to share your makeup tips but you don't know where you can share?
Want to share your outfit but you don't know where you can share?
Come on girls!
Don't you know about Clozette?
What is Clozette?
Clozette is community to share makeup tips, fashion and of course you can meet up with other women that have the same passion with you. For easy way to understand, Clozette is your fashion social network. What are you waiting for?
Join now with us!
I know what your question, LOL
Of course you can join us with sign up at

By the way, I'm one of Star Clozette in Indonesia.
Clozette Indonesia always have 1 event every month to make the member can meet up with Clozette Ambassador. The event name is Clozetters MeetUp!
If you already sign up, just wait the event and regis to join the event.
Aha, I'm forgot...
Clozette Indonesia has released their mobile app.
You can download and share your fashion.
It's easy to using their mobile app, as easy like posting in Instagram.
Can you believe it?
Just try their mobile app and dont forget to follow me!
My Id Clozette mobile app : Ellenstevani

If you are the one of 1000 people who download this mobile app, you can get The Body Shop Voucher and can redeem it at any store in Indonesia.
Clozette mobile app can downloaded at Google Play & App Store.

See you on the next post!
What ever you are, be a good one!


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  1. wah jadi lebih gampang kala posting :).
    Salam kenal juga clozette Star :)

    Meet Me, Writer Of | My Dellilah Blog |

  2. Aku belum pernah ikut Clozetter meet up, biasanya di Jakarta sih ya :')

    1. Wahh sayang sekali :( Padahal acaranya seru loh dan bener-bener teach kita mengenai fashion and beauty every month. Hope can meet you at Clozette Meetup dear :)