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by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dear all my friend

It's my first time to write at blog, i can't describe my feeling when i write this. haha..
By the way let's i introduce my self to make all of you know more about me.
I'm the little girl from awesome family. I'm the third child of four siblings.
Now, i'm the students at London School of Public Relations Jakarta. Public Relations? No, I'm majored of Digital Media Communication and Advertising. FYI, i'm on 7th semester and ongoing write the thesis but i'll do my best to keep up to date my blog.
I am Sagittarius woman, of course my birth month on December. 
1st December 1994, I was born in Jakarta. I'm 20 years old and can't wait till my legal age! 
Beside i'm a student at LSPR, i'm on internship at PermataBank. 
It's true if you say i'm type hardworking people, also play hard. I'm still young and try to set my future. Not just me, Friend! You too.
What else? ahaa, I'm in relationship with one of the best guy on earth. LOL

E L L E N   S T E V A N I

Why am i write blog? Yes, it's because i want to share what i know about makeup, skincare, and another to make you beauty as you! Yeah, i still learn more from the other expert beauty blogger.
I will write all about my experience using all makeup brand and what you must do?
Just read my experience so you can choose the best one for your self.
where i get all makeup that i used? some i buy but some i get free from event.
Talk about event, i will inform you about beauty event or event from community that love makeup so if you read my blog, you can know and join with me at the event! 

Maybe it's enough to introduce my self, wait to next post!
Whatever you are, be a good one!


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