Daily Makeup Look

by - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hi Beauty,

I want to share about my daily makeup and a little tips for you.
First, let you see my daily makeup for the result.

Face with Makeup

This is it, my daily makeup. 
Mostly people say that my makeup look flawless.
Yup, i like when my skin look flawless with pinky cheek.

Face without Makeup

My face with and without makeup look little different.
Let me share what i did to my face.
First, I used Garnier Sakura White and the next i apply BB Cream.
Don't used powder to make your face look flawless.
For my eyes,
I used eyeliner from Estee Lauder to shape my eye line and make it look bigger.
Dont forget to shape your eyebrow (Etude House-Drawing Eyebrow) with natural line.
(I will give the tutorial to make eyebrow)
Don't forget to used liquid blushon (Emina Liquid Blushon) to make pink cheeky.
The last, used pink or red lipstick (I Used Lipgloss Chanel-60) to complete your makeup.
Trust me, it just need 5 minute up to 15 minute.
For tutorial step by step,
I will post soon.

with softlens
This for inform you.
The left side is the face wtih makeup and softlens.
The right side is the face without makeup but still using softlens.
Using softlens can help to make your face look different.
(choose the softlens that suits with your skin)

Whats about you?
I wanna read your experience about makeup daily.
Share with me!
(write the comment)

See you on the next post!
What ever you are, be a good one!


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